Vertech Showcases at the BMW Guggenheim Lab

Vertech’s record breaking road bridge, made from recycled plastic, which spans the River Tweed at Easter Dawyck in Peeblesshire has received worldwide attention since it was built in October 2011. This has resulted in an invitation to showcase the technology at the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin on Friday 6th July as part of a day focussing on Reverse Garbage Infrastructure. Vertech will present alongside the Plastiki Expedition, builders of an ocean going sailing vessel manufactured from recycled materials, to demonstrate what can be achieved with our waste.

Vertech’s technology, originally developed by Rutgers University, offers an almost perfect use for our plastic waste. Not only does this technology prevent waste from being sent to landfill or being shipped to China but also products manufactured using it are completely recyclable at the end of life offering a true closed loop process. As well as bridging, components manufactured from Rutgers’ unique material can be used in a wide range of applications in sectors from construction to agriculture to maritime.

Applications are almost infinite but include railway sleepers, pilings, foundations, sea defences and a variety of structural components. In thin sheet form, the material can also be used to replace plywood, MDF, and a range of laminate sheet materials offering engineered alternatives that are entirely resistant to moisture and most chemicals.

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