Rutgers Technology Construction Mats

Ulti-Mats™ are a tough, durable, long-lasting, and ideal for difficult working conditions.  Unlike traditional timber mats, Ulti-Mats™ don’t need to be frequently replaced and don’t cause a disposal issue as they can be recycled after use.  During a recent 10 month trial in the USA, 80% of traditional timber mats had to be disposed of due to the damage caused by heavy machinery, whereas our composite mats where ready to be moved to the next working location.

Mats 20121109_104803_sp MainNorth America

Composite mats made using the Rutgers and Polywood Technologies have been used in Northern Alberta as temporary road surfaces, to transport and navigate heavy equipment over wet conditions at oil and gas pipeline construction sites.

Ulti-Mats™ Used: 178mm x 1143mm x 4.87m

Truck on MatMat Distributor

A US based contractor is using construction mats made using the Rutgers and Polywood Technologies across U.S.A and Canada. The mats will be used as field supports including temporary energy units and crane outrigger pads in wet conditions.

Ulti-Mats™ Used: 178mm x 1143 x 4.87m, 178mm x 1143 x 5.48m, 178mm x 1143 x 6m & 203mm x 1143 x 4.87m