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Bridge Sleeper Fort Eustis L1030600
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Vertech® Bridges are bespoke and designed with safety in mind. Made from 100% recycled plastic waste, our bridges are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, last over 50 years, and cost competitive against other bridges and boardwalks manufactured from steel, timber, masonry/stone or concrete materials. Conventional bridging materials degrade with use and time; they all require regular, costly maintenance and inspection.





Sicut Sleepers are combined together to create large mats (Ulti-Mat) as a direct replacement for hardwood “bog mats” and crane mats that are in use throughout Europe for sites with difficult access and in environmentally sensitive areas. Due to the harsh environments in which they are used these mats are traditionally manufactured out of the highest quality materials to provide high impact resistance and safe access for personnel, machinery and materials with the minimum of intrusive damage. Ulti-Mats are manufactured from our engineered formulation delivering significant lifecycle value, offering greater durability and less maintenance than products made from traditional materials.