Vertech® Profiles

Vertech® Profiles are a collection of patented profile sections manufactured from Rutgers patented engineered formulation delivering significant lifecycle value, offering greater durability and less maintenance than competitive products made from traditional materials.

Sicut’s line of composite building products has uses in diverse construction applications including river, flood and sea defences; vehicle, train and pedestrian bridges and piers, marinas, dunnage, boardwalks and civil infrastructure projects.  Using 100% recycled plastic waste, our I-beams, heavy duty boards, pilings and industrial support profiles deliver a real genuine solution to timber based products which have their limitations, and are problematic environmentally and at end of life. Vertech® Profiles will deliver lifecycles savings to clients because they are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful lives, they will offer corporate social responsibility benefits in a high carbon output sector as well as reducing future waste liability for their clients.

Our products are made from recycled plastic waste and are non-corrosive, impervious to moisture and non-chemical leaching.  They possess superior lifecycles and have greater durability than competitive products made from wood, steel or concrete and are recyclable after use. They are virtually impervious to the elements; will not rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment, and are completely impervious to infestation by insects.  At the same time our material is lightweight and requires significantly less maintenance, providing a significant reduction in transportation, handling and overhead costs.

Using Vertech® Profiles will save plastic bottles and waste from going to landfill, our oceans or being sent abroad.

Vertech® I-beams

Vertech® I-beams are an excellent alternative to steel I-beams in residential and commercial applications and are available from three to nine meters lengths.  Vertech® I-beam profiles are so strong and durable; they are integral to the design of Europe’s first 100% recycled bridge superstructure which achieved a load rating of 44 tonnes.

Vertech® Boards

Vertech® Boards are engineered using our patented recycled composite formula, and are extremely robust, durable and long lasting.  Ideal for boardwalks and bridge decking, Vertech® Boards are also an exceptional solution for coastal and marine projects like sea defences, sea groins and flood barriers, which requires a superior water and salt resistant material than timber.

Vertech® Boards come in a range of dimensions and profiles including tongue & groove and square, which are ideal for timber post replacements in the agricultural industry.  All our board profiles come in various lengths, with some available up to 6 meters, that require no special tools or training as they are installed in the same way as timber.

Vertech® Pilings

Vertech® Composite Pilings are strong, durable and do not degrade under moving water, marine life and insects or sunlight.  Vertech® Piles will not rot, crumble, splinter, leach chemical into the ground or water, and do not absorb water, making them an excellent alternative to traditional timber piles for marine applications.

Piles are manufactured up to 13.7m in length with a diameter of 305mm and can handle higher impact loads with minimal or no mushrooming.   Vertech® Piles are manufactured with a tapered or blunt end, and are installed using standard driving equipment.  Vertech® Pilings are designed to carry substantial bearing and lateral loads, while providing significant impact absorbing capacity.

Vertech® Piles are a cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting solution, which are made from 100% recycled plastic waste which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Vertech® Industrial Supports

Vertech® Industrial Supports are strong, durable, and moisture resistant, and are ideal to support load bearing structures.   As a result of the excellent compressive strength of the composite, Vertech® Industrial Supports can be used individually or fabricated as part of a pallet as dunnage for the transport of very high mass products such as steel slab and coil.

Produced from composite waste, our structural supports excel in wet, harsh and temperature varying conditions.  Vertech® Industrial Supports do not gain weight, warp or lose strength when wet; they produce consistent high performance and deliver a cost-effective and long term alternative to wood, steel and concrete.

All Vertech® Profiles can be made to the specification and requirements of our customer, please contact us to discuss in further detail.


“I plan to use the plastic material for projects in and around the ocean, where steel corrodes, concrete cracks, and wood warps and eventually erodes because of insects. You couldn’t use a better material around saltwater because it’s totally immune to anything saltwater can possibly do to it. The applications for this material are almost endless,” John Dickerson, Ventura


“Purchase decisions in the mining industry are based on strength, weight, life cycle, safety and cost of products. Sustainable materials are viewed positively. In the end, it comes down to performance and cost over time”. Denny Welsh, Williamstown Mining

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