Construction Mats: Ulti-Mat™

Long bearers can be combined together to create large construction mats, Ulti-Mat™, as a direct replacement for hardwood “bog mats” and crane mats that are in use throughout Europe for sites with difficult access and in environmentally sensitive areas.    Due to the harsh environments in which they are used these mats are traditionally manufactured out of the highest quality materials to provide high impact resistance and safe access for personnel, machinery and materials with the minimum of intrusive damage.

Mats made using the Rutgers Technology, have been routinely supplied to the pipeline, construction, rail, forestry, marine and renewable sectors and are a perfect solution to overcome soft soil, wet ground, temporary access and difficult job sites. Ulti-Mats™ will also provide temporary solutions to barge floors, short span bridge crossings, trailer floors, pipe protection and crane standings.

Ulti-Mats™ are strong, durable and abrasion resistant, and provide a cost-effective long-term solution to oak mats.  They have an embossed dimple finish option to provide extra grip in areas with difficult terrain and ground surface, and are designed for repeat use.

Our products are made from recycled plastic waste and are non-corrosive, impervious to moisture and non-chemical leaching. They possess superior lifecycles and have greater durability than competitive products made from wood and are recyclable after use. They are virtually impervious to the elements; will not rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment, and are completely impervious to infestation by insects.  At the same time our material is lightweight and requires significantly less maintenance, providing a significant reduction in transportation, handling and overhead costs.

Mats made from recycled material saves tons of plastic bottles and waste from going to landfill, our oceans or being sent abroad.

“From long life, strength in compression, 100% recyclable, structural properties and dramatic freight savings from mat weight reduction without comprising strength, these mats are a great investment for almost all mat users.” Brian Ryder. Ryder Services.

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