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Actual                                                                Useable (due to flange):

3.25m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 63mm (D)                   3.10m (L) x 2.05m (W) x 63mm (D)


186 kg


Black or Beige. Custom colours are available subject to minimum order volumes.


Each Terrier™ mat is moulded from HDPE, with special proprietary fillers and additives that provide additional strength, rigidity, and impact resistance.

Terrier™ incorporates a unique weight-saving ribbed interior structure that provides tremendous weight-bearing capacity, while allowing for sections to be easily handled by a standard forklift or proprietary lifting system.

Terrier™ is sealed to prevent dirt and debris from penetrating the internal ribbed interior structure.

Terrier™ incorporate flanges on both sides that allow mats to connect to adjacent panels in all directions.  Flanges are solid HDPE for added durability. Each flange incorporates a heavy radius design, providing additional strength and shear resistance. Once nested into adjacent panels, the solid HDPE flange system provides rigidity and strength between panels.


Terrier™ is manufactured using the highest quality virgin or recycled HDPE, with special impact modifiers and fillers to accommodate thermal expansion, incorporate UV resistance, add anti-static properties, and provide tremendous strength.


Terrier™ has a significant load capacity of over 600psi , many times that of the maximum load capacity necessary.  Terrier™ will operate effectively over a wide range of ground conditions where its flexibility, toughness and compressive strength will provide the necessary load bearing support to the full range of construction vehicles and plant.


Terrier™ sections may be interconnected using Terrier™ proprietary connection system. This connection system consists of a self-aligning threaded locking mechanism that connects the overlapping flange from adjacent mats, allowing sections to bear tremendous weights. An ultra-secure connection between your Terrier™ panels is achieved with a simple turn of a standard ratchet. All lock components are made from galvanised or stainless steel that will not rust, break, or corrode.


Each Terrier™ incorporates both a low-profile “pedestrian and tracked vehicle” design to one surface that provides traction and slip resistance in the field and a more rugged profile to the other that provides greater traction for wheeled vehicles if required.  The patterns have been designed to be easily cleaned and to function well with mud, sand, dirt, and other common on-site substances such as oil and grease. This unique twin traction design provides good traction for all users including pedestrians, vehicles, and all types of rolling equipment, including dozers and other tracked vehicles.


Terrier™ may be loaded into standard ISO containers and are specially designed to maximize volume in containers for overseas transport. Terrier™ is easily loaded onto both flat bed and enclosed van trucks, allowing maximum flexibility in transport.

UK standard 40’ flat bed: 100 mats – 4 stacks each, 25 high
40ft ISO shipping container: 90 mats – 3 stacks each, 30 high


Sections may be cleaned with a standard industrial grade pressure washer, brushes, and ordinary cleaning solutions. Terrier™ mats are easy to maintain and clean, and the HDPE material will not absorb water or other contaminants.


Each Terrier™ will have a unique serial numbers for inventory control and tracking.  Optional RFID chips are available for each Terrier™ and can be incorporated into the core of the mat during the manufacturing process.



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