Terrier™ is a revolution in composite ground protection technology and the optimum solution for construction site access, utility and transmission projects and for outdoor event flooring and trackways.

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Terrier™ has been developed by the team responsible for earlier generations of proven market leading products and takes advantage of a number of design improvements and manufacturing advances.   As a result Terrier™ is higher performing, lighter, safer and better value than existing products made from aluminium, plastic and timber.

Temporary roadways and working platforms are used for vehicle access across difficult or environmentally sensitive terrain.  Traditionally, aluminium panels have been used.  Not only do aluminium panels present a great number of health and safety challenges, they are also extremely susceptible to theft.  Aluminium has a high scrap value (c£400-450 per trackway panel) because it can be melted and reused time and time again.  Sites where temporary roadways are in use are frequently in remote locations, so security is a major issue. Indeed aluminium trackway panels are now uninsurable.

An alternatives is hardwood mats, which are heavy and difficult to install, and their lack of grip, especially when iced over, increase risks of accident and injury.

Terrier™ will substitute for aluminium trackway mats, solid plastic ground mats and hardwood bog mats on construction and utility project sites and at open-air events. Unlike aluminium mats, Terrier™ offers   multi-directional  grip   and a two-sided surface making it ideal for wheeled and tracked vehicles and pedestrians.  Importantly being made of low value material Terrier™ eliminates the theft risk inherent in the high scrap value and uninsurable aluminium mats, reducing security cost and theft losses

Terrier™ yields consistent, rugged, reliable and safe performance. Its innovative jointing system prevents tyre damage, trip hazards and minimises mud ingress. At less than 190Kg, Terrier™ is lighter, easier and safer to transport and install whilst maintaining exceptional performance. Unlike timber mats, Terrier™ will not rot, absorb water, split or warp and is impervious to insect damage and fungus making it suitable for use in extreme conditions and weathers.

Terrier™ has been extensively tested, using advanced FEA techniques, against the worst conceivable operating conditions and loads and delivered outstanding performance every time. Terrier™ offers the perfect solution for safe site and event access for machinery, pedestrians and materials with the minimum of intrusive damage.

A customer of composite ground mats is reported to have estimated that they had saved £80,000 a year on security costs alone, ultimately a cost that contractors have to pass onto the end-user.

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