Sicut Secures Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Rutgers Technology

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Sicut is delighted to announce that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights to Rutgers patented recycled plastic composite technology. Customers from across the globe can now only procure sleepers/ties Read The Full Article

Sicut Announces UK Deal with Regain Polymers to Manufacture Ecotrax Sleepers

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Sicut Enterprises and Regain Polymers are excited to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement for the European manufacture of Sicut’s unique structural recycled plastic composites, including its market leading Read The Full Article

Plastic railway sleepers – a lifeline for the embattled UK plastic recycling industry?

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Sicut Enterprises is excited to announce that it is bringing the manufacture of its market leading recycled plastic composite railway sleeper, Ecotrax, to the UK to meet growing European demand. Read The Full Article

Rutgers grants Sicut additional exclusive territorial rights, including Australia, New Zealand and Africa

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Sicut Enterprises is pleased to announce that it has negotiated an important extension to its exclusive territorial rights to patented recycled plastic composite technology developed at Rutgers, The State University Read The Full Article

Ecotrax Mainline and Switch Set Sleepers delivered to a European Railway


Sicut today announced that it has delivered an order to a second European rail road for in-track testing. The shipment includes 700 sleepers and 3 switch sets and will be Read The Full Article

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