Sicut Profile

Sicut Enterprises Limited is the exclusive worldwide license holder to a broad range of infrastructure patents covering formulations, manufacturing processes, shapes and applications created from the early 1990’s by Rutgers University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Polywood Inc of New Jersey.   Sicut’s products are made from proprietary blends of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics and plastic composites, and are all 100% recyclable at end of life.

As an alternative to wood, concrete and steel, the Rutgers and Polywood composites are not only more durable and more cost effective over their useful life, but they also offer the opportunities for customers to reduce their exposure to significant potential liabilities arising from legislative requirements associated with raw material use and waste disposal.  Customer demand is driven by price, performance, emerging legislation and the demand for products that support more advanced asset management strategies, where whole life value is the focus.  Sicut’s products offer uniquely superior life cycle value and higher return on investment to customers.

Sicut’s SLEEPERS, VERTECH® and ULTI-MAT product ranges respond to these opportunities with a class of proprietary infrastructure building materials that offer high performance and superior durability while being non-corrosive, non-chemical leaching and impervious to moisture, insects and fungal decay.  Importantly these include railway sleepers capable of meeting international rail standards and structural building products, such as pilings, I-beams, T-beams and boards (including tongue and groove).   Our products can be used in design solutions from rail tracks, rail and road bridges (heavy load), pedestrian/ park and recreation bridges, marinas, boardwalks and temporary ground protection.  Our products are handled and installed in the same way as wood, and require significantly less maintenance throughout their lifecycles than traditional products.  Our products offer significant environmental advantages in an era when sustainability is becoming more than a corporate social responsibility target.

Major passenger, freight and metro lines, across sixteen countries have installed more than 300,000 composite railway sleepers made using the Rutgers and Polywood Technologies.  With the first sleepers being installed in 1996, nearly 20 years of successful track data has been recorded and over 1.8 Billion tonnes of heavy haul traffic. Bridges made using these technologies are deigned to meet requirements of bridge owners, and in accordance with Eurocode specifications which has included a 44 tonne load rated HGV Bridge and 130 tonne rail bridge.  Products made using these Technologies have won numerous awards including the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2011, UK National Recycling Awards in 2012 and the Sustain Awards in 2013.   Sicut is a proud member of the Rail Alliance.