Sicut Brands

Sicut Enterprises flagship brand is Sicut Sleepers, exclusively made using the Rutgers and Polywood technologies. Vertech®, Terrier™ and Ulti-Mat™ are Sicut brands associated with the marketing of its patented material profiles and construction mats.

Vertech logoThe Vertech® brand is used for Sicut’s range of non-sleeper profiles using the Rutgers patented technologies including I-beams, T-beams, heavy duty boards, marine pilings, ground mats, boardwalks and bridge sections.

Vertech logoTerrier™ is a revolution in composite ground protection technology and the optimum solution for construction site access, utility and transmission projects and for outdoor event flooring and trackways.

Vertech logoSicut bearers are combined together to create large Ulti-Mat™ construction mats, as a direct replacement for hardwood “bog mats” and crane mats.